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NBA Live 2016 против NBA 2K16: 8300 против миллиона

Играем в MyPark и MyTeam на PS4. Discussion board 4 NBA Live 16 Playcalling and Defense Details. Советы по выбору позиции, стиля и роста игрока для MyCareer, MyPark и PRO AM. All posts Posts by community Search Cancel. Толи в силу кривых рук, толи фиг знает чего, совершенно не идут дальние и средние броски в 2к С английским не дружу А в мультике народ фигачит трёшки как угодно. Show all 5 comments Alexey Titov replied to Lyosha. Lyosha Aganbekyan replied to Alexey. Алексей , нба анимации, там выбираешь jumpshot animations, и выбираешь 51 анимацию, либо ламаркус олдридч.

Кто нибудь ещё играет my park NBA 16? Парни, как в сезоне игроков прокачивать? Aleksandras Shelkanov replied to Dimonchik. Димончик , его нету и не будет как и в nba2k Кто играет в nba2k16 на пк ,добавляйтесь. Show all 4 comments Egor Sorvin. NBA 2K16 Прохождение My Career - Houston Rockets vs Philadelphia 76ers Part Пацаны есть трек котрый в меню играет в nba live 16?

Resolved a bug where one or more users in a co-op game would lose control of their player at some point during the game. Fixed a disconnect issue that some users were seeing during online games. Expand text… PC Fixed a corruption issue where some users were experiencing hangs, missing art assets, and infinite loads. Please ensure that your virus scanning software e. This is required for new content to properly download and install. Improved the user interface when applying contracts to players in MyTEAM by removing the display of how many contracts the player would have IF the current card was applied.

Fixed a case where the user accepting an online invite would sometimes skip the position selection screen in the way into matchmaking. Headwear should now properly unequip when attempting to do so from within the MyPARK Apparel section of the store. The player portrait will now update when a new user is signed in on the main menu via the account picker. A number of other optimizations and enhancements have been made to improve the user experience. Slightly tuned down the frequency of ball collisions.

Fixed an issue that led to a temporary loss of user control on possession changes while in the 2K Cam. Tuned down the frequency of missed alley-oop and putback dunks when open. The correct records and rep levels will now be shown for the players on the MyPARK loading screen. Corrected the wall and floor art for the San Antonio Spurs theme in MyCOURT. Fixed a case where some purchased shoes were not properly appearing on the shoe racks in MyCOURT.

Generated players will now wear the correct color socks for away games. Fixed an issue where generated players were getting their free throw animations randomized every offseason. All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves unless specifically noted otherwise. Все же, как пишут , понизили шанс трехи из поста.

Nba live 16 или nba2k16 что выбрать

Тема с советами по поводу выбора игрока для MyCareer, MyPark и PRO AM. Show all 9 comments Alexey Kuzmin replied to Alexey.

Мнение: PES 2016, NBA 2K16 и Blood Bowl 2

Алексей , Скажи что лучше качать sg,какие параметры? Alexander Ossorsky replied to Alexey. Alexey Kuzmin replied to Alexander. Информация о плюсах и минусах парков есть. А тем временем уже можно играть в 2K Привет всем от Ru PS Store, они дают нам шанс отдохнуть ещё какое-то время.

Hoop Dome objective unlock update. Addressed Matchmaking issue where users were unable to find opponent in H2H. Addressed general functionality issues. View Skills adjustment in LIVE Run to match actual Skill Levels. Addressed issue where player avatars are not showing up in the lobbies when users join a Pro-AM lobby. PLAY NOW Addressed softlock when trying to play Tip Off after accessing Playbooks. GAMEPLAY Modify stepback gather inputs to avoid conflict with spin gather.

Enabled pump fakes on inside shots. Fix for AI not completing up and under sequence.

Nba live 16 или nba2k16 что выбрать

General emotion tuning for more variety. Animation adjustments to backdown and denial catches. Corrected incorrect defensive indicator colors to display during gameplay. Предлагаю обсудить название команды в режиме PRO AM. Show all 10 comments Anuar Kuntuov replied to Alexey.

Алексей , koryak правильно писать.

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