Black Desert

Black Desert

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Бой с тенью 2 Shadow Fight 2 is a multiplayer arcade fighting game on motives of Japanese myth. The game is implemented in the format RPG is a first-person role-playing game in real-time. Knights-Samurai, and shadows in the night — Ninja — their lives are devoted to improving martial arts.

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To test yourself to the warriors need battle. And so the battle bought meaning — the Warriors are in the service of the feudal lords. Live-battle, dead — lie outside of shadows. But it was only until the, until someone discovered these Gates, — and from them emerged in the world of the living dead souls. The dead want to live, but to the entire, what they touch — dies. Living world turns out to be the danger.

Find The Shadow Gate, and shut them down forever after the last of the vanquished and twice dead Warrior of the past. But special attention should be paid to the underworld ": Player to have appeared any chances to win in the battle against bosses, it should coordinate with other players — presumably with friends. Each part in the battle brings the player coins. Combos and victory over the living and dead enemies the player awarded prizes and awards. Due to these signs of success, the player develops his character — buys for him armor, weapons and magical abilities.

To win the game read the save the world You should be able to manage your character.

Shadow Fight 2

Controlled character by using a single virtual joystick and buttons spirit. The first button controls the hand strikes, the second-leg strikes. Joystick controls the directions of strokes. Keyboard and joystick buttons spirit function allows you to make unimaginable combination of blows. Another disadvantage is that the vital energy of character.

This resource is being depleted very quickly the player during combat. To restore the resource the player must perform some feat, wait or buy vital energy at the expense of real money. Also for money can buy the premium version of the game, If a player is unable to unlock the Premium version for his own fighting qualities. Бой с тенью 2 Shadow Fight 2 -What could be scarier, than live to die by the hand of the dead? It is not in time game download, to leave your own mark on this story. У кого не работает не врите потому что надо нажать на версию какую хочешь и там будет написано скачать.

Я скачал игру shadow fight 2 установил её но она не открывалась когда я скачивал мне сказали что она поддерживается даже на android 3. Что-бы взломать бой с тенью 2 версию 1. У меня чёрний екран и велет… Android: Prestigio MultiPhone pap duo. Всем привет, подскажите кто знает где взять обновление Shadow fight 2 вторую главу версия 1.

Скачать игру бой тенью полную версию

Вы ваще в дедский сад ходите или что? С ну для плашета андройда если О.

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С не соответствует нужной не откроется а может если не до конца скачал а если на компе открываешь то фиг тебе он поддерживает файлы формата APK K. Your email address will not be published. Free download games and applications on the Android phone or tablet of different genres and directions. If you are the author of any material, presented here, and it contradicts with certain rules and violates copyright, please, Please let us know, and we will remove it immediately. Download games for Android and the free program. Games for Android Programs for Android.

Plot The valiant Warriors of Japan: In the role of warriors was Japan player, no less, Save the real world from the virtual burial. Strategy Find The Shadow Gate, and shut them down forever after the last of the vanquished and twice dead Warrior of the past. Exciting the imagination of story. Stunning combinations of hand strikes, legs and all kinds of weapons: All of the files posted with permission of the authors of the applications or found freely available on the Web, If any of the files violates your rights, tell us about it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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