Black Desert

Black Desert

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Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict. Sweden, Australia, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Japan, Spain, Vietnam. Top 2 teams qualify for Blizzcon. Weekly 7 begins July 22nd 11 AM PDT. Grand Finals begin July 29th Tournament begins July 29th 8 PM EST. South Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Turkey.

Local Chicago event hosted by Overwatch Chicago at Ignite Gaming. USA, Chinese Taipei, Brasil, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Belgium. Overwatch Wallpaper Collection Images Fan Content self. So just making a quick post to share with you all my Overwatch wallpaper collection that i have gathered over the past few months. Been clearing up files on my PC so thought i would take the opportunity to share them. All original images uploaded by myself are x The ones added that are provided by the community vary in size.

If you are looking for higher res images see the edits below for a way to possibly increase the resolutions of the posted images. All possibly considered NFSW images have now been moved to their own album to allow continued viewing of all albums. They are nothing too NFSW just a little suggestive pose or a certain amount of cleavage etc. There is now a Bunny costume and a Bikini beach wallpaper featuring the female cast from Overwatch in this album, its at the end, make of this what you will!!

New Additions from Edit 1 and 4, these can also be found in respective Hero albums. In Game or Animated Short - These are images taking from Highlight Intros or the Animated Shorts released by Blizzard. EDIT 6 - Google Drive Link With All Current Images For An Easier Download Of The Whole Collection. Edit 8 - Check this Reddit post for Mobile wallpapers. Edit 9 - Another Reddit post with more wallpapers including Mobile versions and dual monitor wallpapers.

FINAL EDIT - Google Drive folder with no sub folder sorting for those wanting to use the collection as a slideshow background. Edit 1 - I have found a whole bunch more in the bottomless pit that is my hard drive, Image count is now at - Heres an album with the new ones i will also add them to the respective albums.

Edit 3 - Thats all guys and gals, operation clear my shit out has finished and thats all i have got, hope you enjoy them all. Edit 4 - Albums have been updated with a few extra images. Also what do you guys think of gender swapped Heros? Features Genji, Hanzo, Roadhog, Reaper and McCree. Anybody with the LINK can view and download the whole folder. The NSFW images have been left out of this collection but are still available from the Imgur links.

This does not always work but its worth a try, website is pretty straight forward and easy to use. Or you could use the image in a reverse Google image search and hope there is already a larger version out there.

FINAL EDIT - I have added a link to another Google Drive folder which is just a single folder with no sub folder sorting containing all the images minus the NSFW. This is for those after the collection to set as a slideshow background on their deskstop. This will also be my last edit and i will no longer be updating Imgur or the Google Drive folders. This thread blew up and i was not expecting to keep it updated as i have done.

But unfortunately I need to go to work, bills are not going to pay themselves. I wish there were more subtle backgrounds like this silhouette of Reaper for characters like D. All it takes is a little initiative. Me too i love the 2nd image though such amazing color work - http: Thanks for sharing some great wallpapers ; I made my own Reinhardt wallpaper a while back. You should add my personal favorite. I made This triple monitor overwatch background a little while ago. I thought it was a john cena reference. I use the image from the hero library screen. While all these are really good artwork most of it are complicated and tire the eye if your desktop is crowded like mine.

These pics in hero library are more basicly done and really goes with the desktop imho. I am the opposite i dont like my desktop cluttered i cant deal with shortcuts and files on the desktop. I even have the recycle bin on the desktop turned off. I even used a rainmeter thing to make the taskbar transparent not the icons though , I am so content with nothing hahaha.

I will be messaging you on Parent commenter can delete this message to hide from others.

Please add this one, I love it too much: Is there not just an album with all of them? I wanna collect all the wallpapers without having to download every single individual set Thanks, I mean i would collect them all, figures easier to just ask. Great collection, loving the mei ones. I have left out the possible NSFW ones in case somebody else wants the full album. The NSFW can be found in the link in the post theres only a handful. I have your first sombra pic now as my phone background! Amazing artwork have my upvote good sir. I think they are all SFW too, but just curious.

If you marked Mei NSFW because of this and this then why not Mercy album cause of this.

Yep those are the ones i marked them for. The one with Mercy was a new one i added and forgot about, my apologies. Possible NSFW images have now been moved to their own Album so the main Albums can still be viewed.

Unless Imgur is having problems which it seems to do every 30 minutes. Yeah sorry, Zarya fans are kinda getting screwed. Apart from official Blizzard artwork there is very little good quality Zarya images. I have just added a Symmetra to the NSFW album, it appears shes not wearing a top maybe a bikini but you can only see her back and some side boob.

Heres a link directly to the image - http: Although not actually of the character, this simple Lucio one has been my wallpaper since the games launch and looks really nice with a clean rainmeter desktop. My one complaint is that none of the Mercy artwork shows her as a woman. True, i never looked at it that way guess it was just something that never crossed my mind about the images. Suppose the only one there that stands out that makes her look a bit old is this one.

That was a little while ago we are at wallpapers now ; it just never stops going up lol. Found the Mercy wallpaper I was talking about. Hmmm mid spin from her Battle Angel highlight intro maybe? Just thought the ass was unnecessary.

I like my fan-service a little low key lmao. Has anybody got high res images of the movie posters from Hollywood? Please add my wallpaper to the list! Do you think you could either make one consolidated album, or dump the lot onto some free upload site like filedropper or mega upload?

There should actually be files, if you include the 2 Jeff joke pictures, Gender swapped images and the NSFW album.

Overwatch wallpapers

When people say that the next hero is unexpected, watch it be that Ice Cream Omnic to get revenge. Now I just gotta download the Jeff Kaplan ones. Any of him in a bikin or bunny suit? Here all of my overwatch wallpapers. Thank you, i will go through and check for duplicates and get them added to the relevant album. I have used this a few times for Anime wallpapers are works pretty well i will add it to the edits. Anybody know a way to just put all of these into a folder at once?

If someone could make a collection of all the Hyper Realistic Ones like http: Id do it myself but my shiternet makes loading these pages take forever. Hey, i will go through the collection and make a Google Drive folder for you to download them. Will post the link when its done. Would be wonderful to just have an album of the dual screen wallpapers. I have no use for single screen: Ok so is there a thread or somewhere where I can find phone wallpapers?

These are amazing but are all landscape photos. I am looking for portrait stuff. Wallpaper 3 , x , Source: Wallpaper 5 , x , Source: Wallpaper 6 , x , Source: Wallpaper 7 , x , Source: Not many Pharah pieces have impressed me too much. There is jut way to much Pharmercy and rarely see her without the other. This one really caught my eye though, lovely colors and painting skills and gives that "military soldier" feel to her. But seriously, some amazing work in these albums, kudos to all artists and thanks to OP for putting this all together!

Just do what i do man put all your favorite ones in an album and set it as a slideshow background and set the timer to one minute ;. Can someone please add in Sombra same art style in this cool wallpaper and remove evil mercy?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Overwatch subscribe unsubscribe , readers 9, users here now What is Overwatch? Important [PTR] July 12th Patch Notes Developer Update: Sydney Qualifier Participating Teams: Katowice Qualifier Participating Teams: Season 3 Local Chicago event hosted by Overwatch Chicago at Ignite Gaming. US Qualifier Participating Teams: Sometimes the best way to deal with a Pharah Ultimate is to make her kill herself.

I just experienced the saddest thing that has ever happened to me in a competitive match. EDIT 6 - Google Drive Link With All Current Images For An Easier Download Of The Whole Collection Edit 8 - Check this Reddit post for Mobile wallpapers Edit 9 - Another Reddit post with more wallpapers including Mobile versions and dual monitor wallpapers.

Overwatch Wallpapers New Tab (овервоч Обои Новая вкладка)

Edit 5 - Added new In Game or Animated Short Album. Edit 8 - Link added for mobile wallpapers. Edit 9 - A Link added to even more wallpapers! Edit 10 - Added link to Folder with Hyper Realistic images FINAL EDIT - I have added a link to another Google Drive folder which is just a single folder with no sub folder sorting containing all the images minus the NSFW. Thanks to everybody who has contributed!

Maybe we could send a request to them. Loving the Zenyatta and Reinhardt ones! I just bought her golden weapon and use this skin.

Overwatch wallpapers

I take advantage of how clean my desktop is to have some fantastic fan art in the background: FAQs Custom Your Reminders Feedback Code Browser Extensions. Beats any of the Sombra ones i had IMO. Updated to post to include new warnings aswell as one for Widow: I will see what i can do about adding them to some Cloud storage for a single file download. The current consolidated album is missing some. That comic excerpt is my desktop now.

Edit - This has been done check the post for the link. Va and Genji having an arcade battle made me smile. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

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