Black Desert

Black Desert

Опубликовано в Чемпионат | 10.08.2017

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If you can fix more better, please. Rather than an error of load, "Infinite Loading Screen" is caused by an error in memory allocation. This mod modify the function of memory allocation and block all freezing due to memory allocation failure.

Skyrim "Safety Load - Патч при бесконечной загрузке"

If you have no problem after Installation, Congratulations! If you have any problem after Installation CTD when open menu, get more CTD or freeze, graphical glitch etc. This means that it can not block game freezing during play except loading screen. If you still got problems after setting. When you install many mods or large textures, animation of loading screen will be stopped sometimes. However, the game will continue to load in the background. You can check it is infinite loading or not by using "Skyrim Performance Monitor", "Windows Task Manager" etc.

The elder scrolls v skyrim safety load

It would be better than Infinite Loading Screen. This mod fix "memory allocate function" only, it does not affect the other.

Skyrim - Неофициальные патчи и исправления

But, it is possible to install a lot of mods, it may malfunction occurs in overload. CTD and Memory patch ENBoost Stable uGridsToLoad Cell Stabilizer Incompatible mod is not found now. Each threads have their own memory, and allocate from these memory. If threads do not have enough memory, they try to free memory by some methods from their own memory first. If they fail all methods, finally allocate from general heap with "HeapAlloc" function in kernel But one of methods to free memory is cause of infinit loading and freeze.

Thread enqueue the message to main thread and wait by "WaitForSingleObject" function, but wait infinity sometimes. I think this message is signal to free "unused object" or garbage collection. When the thread has no "unused object", this thread wait infinity. All loaded objects are necessary.

This behavior is good idea because this function was made for "limited memory like XBOX " and "limited resource Vanilla Skyrim , but this limits to use more memory and resources. This mod skip that method, it has a little problem. Unused objects are not released during the while. They will be released at cell change, loading screen or a few minutes later.

This will increase some amount of memory, but it does not matter so much because almost objects are necessary while player is in that cell. Memory usage as additionally required is less. When change hairs, all selected hairs are not released. Simply, this mod is stopped in showRaceMenu. If enabled, SafetyLoad will be enabled in only LoadingScreen. Site News About us Statistics RSS feeds Contact Staff Privacy Terms and conditions Unban requests DMCA Wiki Nexus Wiki Using the Nexus sites Skyrim Articles.

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The elder scrolls v skyrim safety load

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