Black Desert

Black Desert

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This article covers the final chapter in Uncharted 4: Once again, try to beat the high score. Walk around the room as you look at the items scattered about. Continue to walk through the house, examining items as you go.


You can even walk down the hall and give the dog a treat from the jar at the end. When you reach the kitchen, read the letter on the counter, then flip it over and go outside via the front door.

Uncharted 4 эпилог

Move out onto the dock and open the cooler here. Head into the adjacent house and start looking around until you reach the room in back.

Кэсси Дрейк (Эпилог)

Look on the table and pick up the magazine, taking a closer look at the cover. Collect the keys under the magazine to unlock the armoire, then inspect the contents inside. Collect the white notebook and look inside to see some photos.

Uncharted 4 эпилог

We hope you enjoyed Uncharted 4 as much as we did. Hear about the latest Uncharted 4: Nathan Drake and the rest of the Uncharted 4 crew have found treasure with its audience.

Help Nathan Drake make it through his journey in one piece with these basic survival tips. Epilogue Chapter Take the final steps in the epic story that has been Uncharted 4. Official Strategy Guides for Uncharted 4: Help Contact Us About Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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