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Every regular user of text messages wants to be quicker, responsive, concise and expressive. But if there are some icons available to convey the message in small pictures, he really loves to use them now and then. Emoji keyboard is all time favourite for such users. In the very early versions of iOS, this keyboard was not included in the stock software and the users had to install it from Cydia store after jailbreaking the device. As the iPhone operating system matured, many Cydia tweaks and apps were included in it and emoji keyboard is also one of them.

This keyboard is not enabled by default and hidden in iOS 7 settings app. You have to find it and turn it on in order to use it. After it is activated, it becomes universal keyboard, meaning it is not limited to Messaging app but it can be used with any other app where ever stock keyboard is used like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line and with many such other apps. Now press on Edit button present at the top right side. You can change the order by tapping and holding on the three arrows on the right side and delete any keyboard by tapping on red circle present on the left side.

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IOS 7 Keyboard [APK] No [ROOT]

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Emoji Keyboard is Hidden in iOS 7. Here is How to Enable it

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Emoji keyboard ios 7

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Emoji keyboard ios 7

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