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Purchasing Hearthstone packs with Amazon Coins is the cheapest way to develop your Hearthstone collection! The guide below details how-to purchase Amazon Coins with an Android device or on your PC with an Android Emulator. If you are in a participating country check if Amazon Coins are available to you and want to buy cheaper Hearthstone packs then you should consider doing so with Amazon Coins.

Another cool thing about Amazon Coins is it allows you to gift coins to friends. Keep in mind you need an Android Device or Android Emulator to purchase Hearthstone packs with Amazon Coins. Read more about this in our How-to Buy Packs section.

If you just want to buy coins then click here. Purchasing through this link helps support the site and keeps us bringing you the best decks in the meta! You can now pre-purchase Knights of the Frozen Throne in-game which means you can use Amazon Coins! You save money on packs by purchasing Amazon Coins. Amazon changed how they structured their deals.

They used to give you less upfront savings and give you coins back after a purchase, but now you just get better savings! They also recently added 50, coins which is the highest percentage of savings. Because of how Blizzard and Amazon have structured the coin and pack prices certain tiers are better than others.

If you already have an Android Tablet or Phone, then it is really easy. Install the Amazon Underground App Store , Install Hearthstone through the Amazon App Store remove your current version of Hearthstone if you have one , purchase coins through this link , use the coins to purchase packs in game! This is going to start the download, click, hold, and drag down the black bar above the browser that has small icons on the left and right side.

Then click the downloads icon at the bottom of the screen. From here, scroll to the bottom of this page which will enable you to click Install. Once installed it should give you the option to open the app in the bottom right of the screen. When this opens, you will need to login with your account or create a new one. Again you will need to scroll down to enable the install link. Once it is installed, click open and Hearthstone will run through updates.

After the updates are over, click sign in, if you are given a prompt about a Google Drive account, just click no. The Hearthstone client in these emulators can sometimes be sluggish and buggy. If you use the following link to purchase the coins, it helps support the site, so I really appreciate it!

Get up to 50% Off Hearthstone Packs with Amazon Coins! Updated June 22nd!

You will be prompted with a screen similar to this one below. In certain areas you have to pay this coin tax, so make sure you have enough coins to continue. You will be sent to a screen to confirm your in-App purchase.

Amazon coins hearthstone

I go ahead and require a password for future in-app purchases just to be safe. I hope this helps you save money and gets you all the legendaries you were hoping for! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. In the tutorial above you were able to pre-purchase Ungoro with coins through that emulator. However at this time it looks like Frozen Throne does not appear in the store in the app.

Nevermind, I answered my own question. A comment to the situation in germany: Just tried this and a coin tax was added to my purchase of 40 hearthstone cards. So, I had to buy an extra coins minimum amount to cover this cost. Thank you very much, then you can still exxist a chance to get them or do you really think I forget? This is not beneficial for those in UK.

Amazon coins hearthstone

IM NOT JOKING ALL CANADIANS READ. I think it matters if your State charges Sales Tax. Was able to follow the Reddit link to install the Android emulator on my PC. Once I bought the coins, it took almost a day for the coins to show up in my account.

Was able to pre-purchase Old Gods and buy packs with the coins ok through the emulator. I just purchased the prerelease with amazon coins but did not get coins back. I know it might be a silly question but i live in Poland and i also want to know if i can use your link to get the offer. You can purchase through an Android Emulator on the PC. Reddit has a good guide about it here.

Now is the time to cash in those coins. Except no, buying 5, coins from amazon.

Hearthstone Amazon Coins guide: Android, iPhone, iPad and PC - August 2016 - Hearthstone

Completely bonkers and disappointing. Highly recommend it if you are going to purchase anything with real money. Buying the Amazon coins using the link here worked well without a hitch. Getting the discount from the coins applied to purchasing the Naxx adventure was even better! Then it goes back to the Shop in Hearthstone for completing authorization.

You need to wait for the authorization to complete on the Hearthstone Amazon version app and then it works for all your devices that use the same bnet account. But when you have a slow device like my old Nexus 7 I just thought it was lag and exited. Good thing Blizzard keeps track of this and alerts you to go back to the Amazon device and let the purchase complete.


Anyway, thanks for the tip on saving money using the link here to buy Amazon coins for purchases! Hi, I purchased Amazon coins through the link on this site to support the site. Can anyone confirm that the cards bought with Amazon coins are for the Battle. And thank you for purchasing them through the link, I really appreciate it! I purchased enough to buy the expansion and anything else I will be buying. Your site and your responses are so helpful to a returning player still a newbie that I wanted to help out the site in a small way too. These coins can also be used to purchase even more packs.

I wish I could use my reward points to buy coins. Utiliser les coins dans le jeu tu fais un achat sauf que tu vas pouvoir payer automatiquement avec les coins. U cannot install the app no longer amazon app. Another site said it was down, but that was from the end of July I am planning to get the 80 packs for I was wondering do I get the coins back when I purchase coins or when I buy the packs? You get the coins back when you buy the packs. It will tell you how many coins you are going to receive back when you make the purchase.

Just change your account country to US and go on google maps. Just buying packs through the mobile game charges your account with a 1: Does buying it through the mobile game charge directly to your credit card in Canadian? That would be great if that was the case with our current currency situation…. So if I were to go through all of these steps, can I pre-purchase the 50 TGT packs for a discounted price? Glad you actually get back to the people. You can use genymotion to get the galaxy gifts card back too! Once you do that you also receive 3 free card packs!!

The reason why only some codes work on certain parts of the world is because of the different server locations. I assume that battle net credit codes only work in some parts of the world. Your email address will not be published. Register to keep track of your comments. You can also build and favorite decks! Any comments that are overly derogatory will be removed and could result in an account or site ban. Hearthstone Top Decks is supported by advertisements. Please consider whitelisting us or using our Amazon Coins link when purchasing packs!

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You can buy an Amazon gift card with your rewards points and then use that to buy coins. OH MY GOD all the people asking will it work here , will it work here! All these questions about whether it will work in countries that are not in UK or US.

Amazon coins hearthstone

Im in Sydney and it worked fine even with my CC being from Australia. Does this work for peeps in Canada? Why this only works in US, UK, or Germany? I hope I answered your question properly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get Updates Facebook Twitter RSS Feed.

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